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What does Croc's Divers have to offer?????????

Croc's Divers is a dive centre catering to experienced divers who want small groups to dive with.  The owner has spent the last 18 years teaching , running dive centres and has now decided it is time for him to have some fun for himself.  He wishes to cater to small groups of experienced divers and take them to places that are not usually visited by the cattle boats or students that is on offer from a standard dive centre.

Mahahual is a unique place for diving.  Relatively undiscovered until 5 years ago the diving is pristine with a very healthy reef.  There are swim throughs, walls, canyons, tunnels etc.  The depths range from 10 mts to 45 mts. Excellent opportunities for those photo enthusiasts.

The owner, Douglas Campbell-Smith, has been diving this area for the last 5 years and has a good knowledge of the dive sites.  Day trips are on offer with lunch on a deserted beach or just local diving.  Diving is carried out from fisherman pangas which are ideally suited to the conditions in the area.

He will dive with 1 person up to a maximum of 8 people.

Trips may be arranged to Chinchorro with one of the operators who have the permission to visit there.  There is a necessity for a minimum of 6 people on these trips.